Designers and Styles

At Milan Design we stock a range of exquisite and occasionally exclusive numbers from prestigous and recognised designers. Click a designer title in the right hand menu or read below for more information.


A unique and individual selection of knitwear ranging from jumpers, cardigans both long and short, dresses and tunics which are ideal for everyday wear a little different from the high street!


A range of fashionable shoes and boots which are unique in the seasonal designs, incorporating the best trims in the latest colours, created using the best available materials at an affordable price. A wide selection is available suitable for day and evening! ‘Love shoes, love Lunar’


A selection of evening and day bags are available - you are sure to find one to suit any occasion and match the perfect outfit.


Our Jewellery ranges from handmade to classic pearls accommodating different tastes and the latest trends.


To enhance or give an edge to any outfit, choose from a range of Pasminas which are available in a Cashmere and Silk mix to Wool Pashminas accessible in many colours.

Trinny & Susannah Control Underwear

No need for the crash diet! We have a single solution at Milan Trinny and Susannah Magic underwear!! “Simply put on a pair and drop a dress size” “Tummies will be tucked” “Bums firmer and pert” “Legs slender slim” An essential accessory to every woman’s wardrobe!